Our ARCHEOTHEKE historical archives management platform adopts the international standards for archival description ISAD(G) and ISAAR (CPF) that are independent of specific hardware and software platforms and guarantee the validity of data over time. Thanks to the special configurability, the platform allows you to enter and describe particular information content (for example musical scores, printed works, works of art, etc. ..) that require a more complex and organized descriptive path than expected by ISAD. There are also some data import/ export modules according to the EAD ( Encoded Archival Description ) and EAC ( Encoded Archival of Context) specifications , the standard data model adopted by the Library of Congress, as well as UNIMARC. There is also a configurable module for importing data from other software that meet ISAAR / ISAD standards.

Accademia della Crusca - Firenze
Centro di Studi Aldo Palazzeschi - Firenze
Archivio del Novecento - Roma
Archivio Enzo Piccinini - Bologna
ALIEN - Lecce
Archivio del Novecento in Liguria - Genova
ALECI - Roma
Archivio Gozzano-Pavese - Torino


We develop integrated software to manage structured and deconstructed information written in a natural language allowing to recover the information, to convey them according to the principles of information logistics and transform them into knowledge to increase the company’s assets. A peculiar feature of our bowsers is therefore the overcoming of the usual full-text approach thanks to use of our technology that allows to customize the rules to manage information, data processing and materials for use of information retrieval procedures.

  • configuring the tokenization rules and expanding the results of the research with the adoption of linguistic procedures of lemmatization and the adoption of Thesauri
  • defining rules of specific research on the different data structures.

The platform allows therefore to research materials and data, using jolly scripts and boolan operators, in free form, structured, lemmatized and proximity. Moreover, using an innovative "research basket" and "research portfolio" it is possible to refine the results and / or save searches and data for a subsequent consultation or elaboration.