Progettinrete is a company based in Florence, well known for its cutting-edge solutions for Digital Humanities and scholarly publishing projects.

Founded in 2001 as software house and initially focusing on consulting services, Progettinrete is now a global technological partner of some of the most important scientific and academic institutions in Italy.

As evidence of the multidisciplinary nature of its projects, Progettinrete relies on a heterogeneous team combining profiles from different educational and professional backgrounds, specialised in the IT and Humanities fields.

Mario Altamura

Software Engineer
Specialised in developing desktop and client-server applications for business and cultural institutions, he provides consulting services for the integration of various IT systems.
Eleonora Colangelo

Project Manager
PhD in Classics (Paris-Pisa), she is project manager in Digital Humanities and academic publishing. She is specialising in dissemination and promotion of scientific research outputs.
Rebecca Del Bene

Software Developer
Graduated in Communication (Florence) and in Digital Humanities (Bologna), she deals with the development of websites and databases in the field of Digital Humanities and academic publishing.
Benedetta Fontanella

Software Developer
Graduated in Physics (Florence), she is in charge of the software development process for academic publishing projects. She is the Customer Service Representative at Progettinrete.
Arianna Marini

Web Designer
MA in Modern Philology (Padua-Grenoble) and Digital Publishing (Caen), she is responsible for designing and implementing the user interface, and in the layout flows management.
Maurizio Rago

Graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Technology (Ferrara), he is the head of the IT infrastructure and software development at Progettinrete.
Giovanni Salucci

CEO and Founder
Graduated in Physics at the University of Florence, Italy, has been interested in publishing and Digital Humanities for over 20 years and is in charge of Technology and Information Services at several public research Institutions. At the University of Florence since 2021, Giovanni is a professor with a focus on Digital Publishing.
Maria Sansonetti

Expert in Publishing, she deals with administration and editorial consultancy for academic institutional stakeholders.
Alessio Vultaggio

Help Desk
He is in charge of logistics and the distribution chain for institutional stakeholders and partners.


Andrea Novi

Giorgio Ungar

Chartered Accountant and Auditor, he offers professional consultancy and assistance in tax matters and accounting obligations for Italian and international companies.